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9 Ways to Find Snapchat Friends

Did you know that Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users? That's a humongous number. That means anyone that is complaining about not having enough Snapchat friends are clearly not doing whatever they can to get them. With so many Snapchat users out there, everyone should have at least a couple hundred friends on there. Naturally, some people want more or less than that, but whatever number you want is achievable to get if you read our article and follow our advice. So all of you Snapchat users out there, sit back, relax and learn about the best ways to find Snapchat friends!

1. Find them using your existing social media accounts.

Almost everyone advertises their Snapchat usernames in the Instagram and Twitter bio, especially people that are trying to make it in the entertainment world! Simply search through your existing friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see if you can add them on Snapchat too! And it never hurts to comment on one of their pictures or DM them and ask what their username is if they don't have it posted in their bios. You'll be well on your way to finding Snapchat friends if you use this strategy- we promise.


This site is as obvious as it's name - it helps you find Snapchat friends! It's user-friendly, efficient, and easy to use. And the site's services are free with no signup needed! Simply get online and use their original search engine to enter your Snapchat username, age, and gender, and then enter the specific qualities of people you're looking to connect with on Snapchat! Sounds easy and awesome right? Right! That's why so many people are using this site and are loving it. You can even search the site's existing categories like Hottest girls, hottest guys, and other random categories.

3. Blogs

Blogs are an awesome way to get information about damn near anything. There are a ton of blogs dedicated to sharing different Snapchat usernames. Almost all of them are dedicated to a particular category or niche, too! Want some dirty Snapchat friends? There're blogs with tons of usernames for that. Or want just girl Snapchat friends? You can find Snapchat friends for that on blogs too. All you've got to do is Google it, and you'll be there! 4. Use your contact list!

When you're on your Snapchat, pull down the “add friends” icon. From there, it'll give you the option to add friends from your phone's contact list. How awesome is that?! You can automatically see which of the people in your contacts have a Snapchat then you can add them from there. So next time you're in class, at a bar, or at any place where you can meet new people- ask for their number. Not only will you get their digits to hit them up later, but you automatically can add them on Snapchat too. You're pretty much killing two birds with one stone.

5. Search nearby.

As we explained in tip #4, pull down the “add friends” icon on your Snapchat account. From there, you'll see an “add nearby” option. Simply click on that icon and see all the Snapchat users near you! This is the best way to find Snapchat friends that live in the same town as you, and what's better than that? Connecting with people on Snapchat that are from your town obviously makes it easy to meet up in real life. You'll be making tons of new friends in no time with this awesome strategy.

6. Share your Snapchat username on social media.

Why not let the friends come to you instead of always seeking them out? If you post your Snapchat username in your Instagram and Twitter bios, you're bound to have new people adding you! This is the easiest way to find Snapchat friends because you're doing nothing- it takes zero effort and energy. If you post interesting content on your other social media accounts, people are bound to want to follow you on Snapchat too. Make this simple step now!

7. Frenzy

Have you heard of the app Frenzy yet, if not, you're missing out! Frenzy is an app that is dedicated to helping you find Snapchat friends. Frenzy makes it super easy to find you some new Snapchat friends by using your age and location, then provides you with other user's pics and usernames. Frenzy does all the work for you; you just got to download the app! People are loving what Frenzy offers too. The app has an awesome rating of 4.5/ five stars on the app store! How ideal is that?

8. is another awesome website that makes it easy for you to find Snapchat friends. Enter your age, username, and gender to find tons of Snapchat friends that you can add quickly! It's free, and there's no registration, AKA no strings attached! You can use the website version of AddMeSnaps or even download the app. Either way, you'll be finding new Snapchat friends in no time.

9. Just ask!

As we've mentioned earlier, almost everyone has Snapchats, and everyone that has one loves using it. It's totally not weird to ask a new friend you meet at a bar, in class, or on vacation for their username. Sure, this seems like the most straightforward way to find Snapchat friends, but that's because it's fool proof. It works!

We hope that you utilize our nine tips to find Snapchat friends to the best of your ability. You sure as heck won't gain more from just sitting around! Take our advice and try out some of our tips- if not all of them- we promise you won't be disappointed. After all, the only thing you'll lose is missing out on great new friends!

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