5 Snap Sexting Do's and Don'ts

Undoubtedly, thousands upon thousands of people will take a nude or semi-nude selfie this week and share it with someone. Sexting is now a mainstream activity, and it seems like everyone has done it or at least knows someone who has; taking pictures of your junk is quite popular these days, what with everyone having a smartphone with a decent camera.

Some people send sexy snaps on Snapchat and other social networks, some have simply stuck with texting their boob or dick pics, and some people can’t get their camera to face the right direction. We’ve all got our preferred method, but no matter the medium you use to send your sexy snaps, there are some do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of if you want to play the sexting game correctly.

Without further delay, let’s get down to business; I know you’ve got some nudes to send, and you’ve come to the right place to find out how it’s done.

DON’T : Send 10-Second Nudes
DO : Send 3-5 Second Nudes

When sending a video of yourself riding a camel on Snapchat, it’s appropriate to give your viewers a 10 second time limit, but when you’re sending a nude or even a semi-nude snap on Snapchat, you don’t want to give them too much time to thoroughly enjoy what your mama gave you. Make them want more from you by setting the snap to expire after 3-5 seconds; that’s enough to look, but not enough time to really get the sexiness imprinted in their brain.

If this is somebody you’re trying to hook up with, giving them just a taste is crucial in getting their attention, as they’ll want what it seems like they can’t have. Three to five seconds is the perfect amount of time for that sexy snap.

DON’T : Send Multiple Snaps
DO : 1:1 Send/Receive Ratio

You may be really into this person and want to sleep with them desperately, but before you get carried away and scare them off, you need to hold your horses. You may think that you should send them a few sexy snaps to catch their attention but rather than flood their inbox with nudes, keep a 1:1 ratio for every snap they send, that way you won’t come across as thirsty, which will only turn them off.

When sending snaps to your friends, it’s fine to skew the ratio, but when you’re trying to hookup with someone, you need to keep your cards close to your chest; sexting is a game, and it’s one in which you need to assume the position of power. As long as you maintain that 1:1 ratio, you should have more control over the situation, further improving your chances of hooking up.

DON’T : Send Nudes Right Off The Bat
DO : Tease Them

Don’t give them what they want by sending off a full-on nude right from the start; entice them a little, give them a tease. If you sent that nude before they sent one, they might lose interest, as you could come across as desperate, which would hurt your chances of hooking up.

Instead, make them want you by teasing them; send suggestive snaps, but don’t give them the nude that they want until they’ve sent you a nude. Remember, sexting is a game, and in order to win you’ve gotta play.

If you gradually increase the sexiness and show more skin with each snap, they’ll drool over you and soon enough, they’ll want you more than you want them.

DON’T : Send Same Snaps To Multiple People
DO : Different People, Different Snaps

If you’re fishing in a few different ponds for a hookup, it’s best not to send out any repeat snaps. You never know if your potential hookups know each other or have some connection, and if word gets round that you’ve sent the same snap to different people on the same night, your reputation won’t look so great.

Even if you really like that snap and think it’s one of the hottest you’ve taken, you still need to take another one to send to your other potential hookup. Plus, when you think about it, one snap you sent to one person might not fit into the conversational tone you’re having with another person; play it safe and just take another pic.

DON’T : Send Videos
DO : Send Photos

When sexting, it’s important to not lose sight of where you’re headed; you don’t need to show a whole lot of skin or send too many sexts since you’ll likely be hooking up with that person soon enough. Along similar lines is sending video sexts; you don’t need to create a video since you’ll be hooking up with this person, in which you can then make that video.

Keep it simple and just send pics; videos are too long and may be kind of weird to make, especially when you’re on the tenth take for one stupid video. They’re waiting on you to send something sexy, so if you want to keep them interested, send them pics with increasing sexiness and fewer and fewer articles of clothing.

People want to be able to stare at a hot pic that doesn’t move or need to be replayed; let them drool over that booty in a still photo.

Sexting isn’t rocket science, but there are some things you should and should not do. Other than that, there isn’t much too it; frankly, hooking up is something we do naturally, and all we gotta do is find someone who’ll willingly sleep with us.

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