3 Unexpected Consequences of Naked Snaps

Sending naked Snapchats can seem like a fun, sexy, and flirty thing to do in the moment. Unfortunately, people tend to forget about the negative and often traumatic consequences that come with sending naked snaps. Everything from mild anxiety to suicide can be the impact of sending nudes, so it's honestly best that you never even indulge in the first place. While some people don't have any dramatic consequences when they send naked snaps, most aren't so lucky. If you're considering sending any nude pics via Snapchat, we strongly suggest you read this first.

1. Your naked pic might go viral.

If you send your naked snap to someone you don't know well or even don't know at all, there's a huge chance that they will post your picture online. This is especially true for younger, more immature people that don't think about the repercussions of their actions. This is also true for jealous ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, or exes that want revenge against you. Or what if the random hottie you meet on Tinder is an amateur porn salesperson and gets money from people posing naked- people like you. Don't be fooled by the feature that you can choose to send snaps for only a few seconds- people only need one second to screenshot it. And they can use the replay feature to play it a second time if they couldn't screenshot it the first time. There are so many ways and reasons your nude could end up online, so why even risk it?

2. Your nude Snapchat could be spread to your peers.

This is an especially traumatic experience for people still in high school or college since reputation and image are everything. If the person you send your naked snaps to isn't someone you trust, then they might show and send your picture to all of their friends. From there, those friends spread the picture even more. Before you know it, everyone has seen the nude picture of you. Girls in high school and college who experience this are at risk for bullying and social isolation, which usually leads to the girl taking her life or participating in self-harm. Who would want to put themselves through this kind of torture? No one should. So no matter how much you want that guy to like you, or how much you want to prove to them that you're mature and sexy- don't do it.

3. Your reputation could be ruined.

You might think that your naked snap is going to be seen by one person and one person only, but as we mentioned earlier that's usually never the case. Unfortunately, many people are probably going to see it- guys and girls alike. Once people catch wind of your nude pictures, the gossip, rumors, and hate speech begins. If you're a girl, you'll be picked apart for your weight, size of your breasts and butt, and be called a slut, whore, and other degrading words. Girls get it worse, but guys will experience some form of gossip and ridicule too. If you're a guy, you'll be made fun of for the size of your member (for lack of a better word) and will be called a sleaze. Guys might even call you a fag or gay for sending pictures, and girls might think that you're weird and not want to ever hook up with you. Before you know it, your name already has a ton of awful things associated with it just because of the one naked snap you sent.

4. It could harm you professionally.

This is an extreme case, but it is possible nonetheless. If your naked snaps end up online, they're unfortunately out there forever and are possibly associated with your name. What's the first thing that potential employers do after interviewing you or receiving your job application? They search you on all modern forms of social media, and they google search your name. What if your naked snap pops up in Google images when they search your name? Or it pops up in a blog where an asshole from high school posted it? This is especially important for individuals that are considering a career in a public forum- like entertainment or politics. You know from many instances that famous people's skeletons are always pulled out of their closets eventually. These possibilities are not far fetched and is something you should seriously consider before you send any.

5. Potential partners might not take you seriously.

If you're known as the girl or the guy that sent naked snaps that everyone saw, you'll probably be labeled as undateable. Sad? Yes, but also true. One of the worst things that can happen to your love life is sending naked snaps that got spread around. Guys won't like the idea of dating a girl that everyone has seen naked, and girls won't want to date a guy that had his wang out for the world to see. This is a pretty big bummer, especially if you're really into the person, but your naked snap past is a deal breaker for them.

6. Adults and other people you don't want to see you naked could see your snaps.

This is especially true if you're in high school or college. What if your professor, coach, or boss catches wind of your naked snaps? Talk about mortifying and potentially harmful to your education, extracurricular activities and jobs. Or what if your siblings or parents see them? This is hugely possible and could be the worst case scenario to people who have extremely strict or conservative parents. And even if you don't, who wants their parents to see them nude?

All of the above are possible consequences to sending naked snaps to the people of your choosing. Who wants their nudes spread on the internet? Who wants their reputation ruined? Who want to get bullied for their choices? We hope the answers to these questions is no one.

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