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Celebrity's Snapchat Pics [ official list ]

Snapchat is insanely popular among millennials, as over 100 million of them use it every single day. One of the most popular things to do on Snapchat is to send nudes or suggestive snaps, and over the course of Snapchat's 5 year history, there have been a few times where Snapchat pics and videos got leaked.

Back in October 2014, an event now known as the "Snappening" occurred where 200,000 Snapchat pics and videos were leaked onto the Internet. Last year, 4.6 million usernames and partial phone numbers were leaked as well.

While these leaks are terrible and may have caused a lot of problems for the victims, you can't help but wonder when Snapchat will get hacked again. One may also wonder whether Snapchat really cares about the security of the few hundred million people that have the app on their smartphone; Snapchat is a big target because of the huge amount of nudes being shared in the app, but they could definitely do more to protect the people who use the app on a daily basis.

That said, there are also some people on Snapchat who purposely leak their own snaps or send them to people who they can't trust, who then do the leaking for them. Some of these people have been celebrities, and to be honest, why doesn't it happen more often; it's not like celebrities don't take nudes or use Snapchat, because they definitely do both of those things.

When you think about it, there's quite a few celebrities who should have leaked Snapchat pics by now. Luckily for you, you don't actually have to think of any, because there is a list of seven celebrities below!

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves social media, Snapchat included, so it might not be too much of a stretch to think that one day someone might screenshot and leak a full or semi-nude snap she's taken. Given that she uses the app all the time, she's bound to slip up eventually.

Just a note to all dudes out there: if Katy Perry happens to send a nude your way, be a bro and share it with the rest of us. That's one firework I wouldn't mind getting close to.

2. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne may be a posh British model, but I wouldn't think she's against taking a nude here and there and sending it to whatever guy is lucky enough to get with her. Nudes tend to be taken on Snapchat because of their severely limited lifespan, but nudes on Snapchat, a prized possession among millennial guys, also tend to be screenshot because of that limited lifespan.

A Cara Delevingne nude is one of the rarest of them all, if one even exists, and if it does, it's a wonder how it hasn't wound up somewhere on the Internet.

3. DJ Khaled

If you're confused, you have every right to feel that way. Let me explain.

DJ Khaled is huge on Snapchat; he's huge in real life, as he is quite obese, but his personality shines brightest when he's on Snapchat, and he's on it all the time. He'd prefer to say ‘major key', but it's all the same.

Being that he's constantly posting stuff on Snapchat, and he leaked his own sextape, I wouldn't put it past DJ Khaled to leak a largely unwanted pic on Snapchat of himself without any clothes on. He spends so much time Snapchatting, he might be taking a pee and with his mind on autopilot, he just might take out his phone and broadcast a bit more information than the world would prefer to know.

4. Gary Busey

While highly unlikely, it could happen, and in only one way: Gary Busey is walking on the street, and two young fans happen to see him and ask him if he'd take a selfie. He mutters something like, "Skittles are the lifeblood of sea-wolves" and the fans take it as a ‘yes'.

They take the picture, and when the fans check their phone to look at it, they see Gary Busey had, in just thousands of a second, stripped completely naked for the selfie, only to redress himself just as quickly. The fans then subsequently share that epic photo with the world.

Hardcore drugs at work, ladies and gentleman.

5. Charlie Sheen

During the "winning" part of his career, Charlie Sheen went off the deep end, and it's a wonder he wasn't sharing that part of his life on Snapchat. Even if his Story was 1,000 seconds long, I'd still watch it.

If he was ever on Snapchat, he would definitely take nudes and send them off to every female Snapchat user. Now that I think about it, maybe it was a good thing he never got on Snapchat.

Still, he'd leak just about every part of his body onto the Internet if he knew how.

6. Tyga

The L.A.-based rapper and ex sort-of-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, Tyga wouldn't surprise anyone if he leaked a dick pic or something on Snapchat. The guy has taken so many L's in the last year and his rap career is has it's own Life Alert button, so if Tyga wants to increase his visibility to try to boost his terrible record sales, he might need to leak a nude.

All of his exes hate him, so it's a wonder why they haven't leaked any pics yet. Well, when you think about it, he's ruined his own career, so there was nothing left for them to do.

7. Kylie Jenner

Being that she's constantly taking photos of herself and always seems to have her phone in hand, it wouldn't surprise anyone if she "accidentally" posted a snap of herself in a Kim K booty-popping nude.

With millions of followers on social media and with guys drooling over her, it may be only a matter of time before she takes the path of Kim Kardashian, using her physique to attract attention and achieve fame. What a world we live in.

Nude-taking activity on Snapchat is high, so it makes sense why a few hundred thousand nudes have been leaked so far, mainly due to hacks but also due in part to people who like to keep those self-destructing snaps for later by using third party apps or screenshots. It's not always easy to keep your activity on Snapchat under wraps,yet still, snaps get leaked.

With countless celebrities on Snapchat these days, it's a wonder why we haven't seen more leaked celebrity snaps. Maybe they have their own Snapchat alternative that only the top 1% know about, or maybe they're too busy making millions to send a nude; oh well, the rest of us take enough nudes already.

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