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9 Shocking Snapchat Accounts Leaked

It's easy to find famous or interesting people to follow on all sorts of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, but Snapchat is the exception. It's not even remotely close to easy.

Even though Snapchat recently launched a Discover section, which is all about finding news rather than people, it takes a bit of digging to find specific usernames, and still, you never know if they're really worth following.

So, without further adieu, the Snapchatters listed in the list below are artsy, funny, weird, amazingly talented - and their stories are always entertaining to watch.

Jeromejarre (Jerome Jarre): Jarre first got noticed and became famous on Vine, but then he stopped using the service altogether and now dedicates his time to Snapchat. His stories are full of his travels, life, and pranks, and you get to see how he runs GrapeStory, a talent agency he co-founded for Vine and Snapchat stars.

Shonduras (Shaun McBride): He's one of the first Snapchat celebrities, known for adding his own impressive finger-drawn art to stories. He also does work for major brands like Disney, Taco Bell, and Major League Soccer.

Taco Bell (TBell): Sure, the point of Taco Bell's Snapchat account is probably to make sure teens eat there. And that's fine; Taco Bell is pretty great. However, Taco Bell takes advantage of its brand by creating interactive and detailed stories about love, romance, and of course, new menu items.

Kate McCulley (KKMC): Well-known travel blogger Kate takes you along on all her journeys using Snapchat, so following her is sure to quench your wanderlusting. She posts snaps of her family, her day-to-day in New York City + funny, quirky things she sees along the way. Follow her for behind the scenes of photoshoots and occasionally a cute pug or two.

Iman Crosson (imtheman): Crosson is famous for his spot-on impersonation of President Obama. While the comedian is a prolific poster on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, it's on Snapchat where he treats his fans to off-the-cuff stories that are just as funny as a stand-up's confessional monologue.

Zoella (ZoZo): For any fan of puppies, make-up, blogging or YouTube, Zoella's Snapchat is the number one destination. Prepare for funny faces, behind-the-scenes of her videos and Zoe's friends, family and boyfriend, Alfie Deyes.

Miley Cyrus (MileyCyCy): Miley Cyrus is one of the most fun celebrities to follow on social media. You never know what you're going to get. Follow Miley for frivilous outfit snaps, her celebrity friends and of course, her dogs. Oh, and a lot of weed. Miley's life is crazy, but there seems a method to her madness. Or maybe it's all just madness. Whatever – she's a bit of an over-sharer, but sometimes that's not the worst.

AnastasiaAshley (Ana445): The big-wave surfer and model will distract you from the frozen hellscape outside and imagine a different life for yourself, one where you're actually surfing with Anastasia Ashley. One can dream, right?

SelenaGomez (Seleeeeeena): And then get ready for a whole bunch of debauchery and drama from the world of Selena Gomez, who is very much living from snap to snap. Also, should we talk about how perfect she is? Let's save that for another time.

Your welcome, and happy snap creeping!

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